Principle #1 : Intuitive Eating ; Reject the diet

Why is it important for me as a doctor, for patients to mentally reject diet mentality?

How does dieting impact your hormones?

Dieting (especially yo-yo dieting) eventually causes an increased in fat percentage, reduced muscle mass, slower metabolism and poor bone health .

All of these factors lead to an increased risk of insulin resistance, increased blood pressure and an increased risk of fatty liver as well as poor gut health… can you see why all of this is important to me as a doctor?


Moreover, emotionally, you get frustrated, think you’re not doing it right (but in fact is the diet that’s not right), and you give up! …. until you see the next ‘big promiser’.


It’s not surprising that after going through multiple episodes of being frustrated and disappointed that the diet doesn’t work that you just ‘want to give up’ and not make any positive health behavior changes.